Portable Sanitation

A unique solution to mobile handwashing


On larger, remote job sites access to proper hand washing is often difficult or impossible. The Covid-19 pandemic showed us the vulnerability of sites like these across the country, but the practice of proper handwashing doesn’t end with this pandemic. It is imperative to provide a clean and safe working environment to mitigate incidents and keep your workforce, well, working. The POSM Sink is a rugged and durable solution to the problem of accessible and effective hand washing. Built to bear the elements the POSM is perfect for any job site, remote industrial location, or construction zone with high traffic. Having 3 hand washing bays allows for efficient use by all and the hands free design minimizes points of contact. Set up a POSM at a point of entry, mess hall, or congregation area to separate exposure environments. Propane-heated water and independent faucet switches make the POSM more sustainable and extend the longevity of its components.

Public, High-Traffic Areas

Churches, schools, libraries, banks, or any public gathering area with high traffic represent an increased disease transmission risk. Even after the Covid-19 Pandemic, proper disease mitigation and easy access to hand washing will continue to keep our communities and clients safe and healthy. POSM Sinks provide the perfect solution for isolating environments and keeping large groups of patrons safe. Whether at a school, church, bank, or some other high-traffic area, POSM provides a sustainable and efecient method for hand washing. Hot water and soap are known to be far more effective at removing dangerous pathogens than hand sanitizer, and POSM makes it just as easy. Hands-free operation cut down on transmission potential while 3 hand washing bays minimize wait time and increase efficiency.

Disaster Relief

The aftermath of a hurricane, a flood, fire, or other natural disaster usually renders basic utilities ineffective. This presents a particularly difficult obstacle for responders and victims, preventing access to proper hand washing and cleanliness. POSM Sinks overcome this obstacle with on-demand, hot water, handwashing stations. Built to be modular, rugged, and durable the POSM can be stored in shipping containers or other emergency response vehicles so they are ready when needed! Setting up several POSM Sinks in front of a medical unit, transportation muster area, food distribution tents, or other congregation areas will help keep both responders and victims healthier. Isolating pathogen sources by effectively washing hands with warm, soapy water will improve outcomes for all those involved in disaster relief efforts.

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